Mental Health Services

While having dogs on campus is nice, students need accessible and affordable mental healthcare. As the stigma around mental health issues slowly dissipates, more and more students are taking the big step to reach out for help, only to be met with overwhelming obstacles. We are working to change this so that all students are mentally healthy enough to achieve and to fight for affordable/accessible healthcare for all Nevadans.

Affordable Education

Every single person deserves a chance to succeed. Due to centuries of systematic racism, classism, and sexism, so many of our people have been left behind. Today, we are fighting for our chance to prosper. With affordable education, we can ensure that those that come after us are granted what we struggle so hard to find: opportunity.

Affordable Housing

Southern Nevada ranks highest nationally in homeless rates and even higher in housing insecurity. Being a student is hard enough without having to experience these issues. Without the basic necessity of safe and reliable shelter, we cannot work towards success, let alone fight for our rights. This is why we are uniting to ensure that all students can afford a safe place to call home.

Food Insecurity

Years of systematic oppression have left our communities in a place where our right to life is not guaranteed. Without food, we cannot survive. Without access to healthy food, we become overrepresented statistics of cardiovascular disease and malnutrition. We must do everything we can to guarantee that every Nevadan can access healthy food.

Intersectional Issues

We know that our core issues intersect with a number of different problems students face. This is why we are actively participating in conversation with students about their lives to expand our work to include other issues such as immigration, mass incarceration, and environmental justice.