Who we are

The Michigan Student Power Network is a statewide association of progressive student organizations, started in 2014 and currently operating on 8 campuses across Michigan.

The Power Network works to connect student struggles across campuses, issues and identities, in order to share skills and build a statewide movements capable of effecting progressive change. MSPN uses a variety of tactics and strategies to effect change in Michigan and on our campuses, including direct member education, voter engagement, issue based campaign organizing, and direct action.

Our Values

Statewide and multi-campus — We have a presence on 8 campuses, from Allendale to Dearborn.
Culture and Community — A community that supports, cares for, and enables folks to continue this work long term.
Multi-Issue — From climate to LGBT to racial and economic justice to college affordability – we move issues to build broad, deep, powerful, passionate bases and alliances. We are intersectional.
Multi-strategy — From non-violent civil disobedience to GOTV, issue lobbying to online creativity, winning student government elections to divestment campaigns, we are driven by winning real change and power - using all the tools in the toolbox.
Partnering with community and labor — To bring community connections as well as mentorship and long-term support to student organizing.
Not limited to 501(c)3 — We have 501(c)3 as well as 501(c)4 fiscal sponsor to allow us to speak freely and engage in lobbying, elections, and non-violent civil disobedience as needed.

Our Partners

We work with community, state, and national movement partners to heighten the impact of our organizing. These include:

Michigan Voice
Alliance for Youth Action
Movement Voter Project