Our Issues

Environment & Climate Justice

We are working to mobilize students around creating a cleaner, greener future for all. With Florida being one of the most at-risk states in the US for the effects of climate change, it's about time that we start taking action to make sure this issue is taken more seriously and work to protect our precious environment. In the wake of hurricanes Irma and Maria, the topics of environmental racism and environmental gentrification are becoming apparent. We need to be doing more to protect those communities most affected by natural disasters and climate change. Our campaigns include working on divestment, creating a polystyrene and plastic ban, stopping the sabal trail pipeline, and banning fracking.

Racial Justice

We are fighting to eradicate white supremacy on college campuses and combatting attempts to defend hate speech under the guise of free speech. We are collaborating with community groups to restore the right to vote, end the school-to-prison pipeline and divesting from the for-profit prison industry, and exploring ways to support restorative justice programs. Black and brown communities and communities as a whole should be the ones leading the fight to a more racially just Florida.

Immigrant Justice

We are committed to fight for the rights of all immigrants including the 11+ Undocumented folx that are currently in the U.S. Our campaigns include the pushing of legislation that will help protect our immigrant communities, fighting mass incarceration, abolishing anti-blackness within our immigrant communities, and uplifting the narrative and analysis of the root causes of migration.

Women’s Rights & Reproductive Justice

With a majority male Congress trying to dictate over women and no knowledge of women’s struggles, it is imperative that we take the stand to make sure that women’s voices are heard.

Free Higher Education

Coming soon 2018. Advocating for equitable programs to make sure that higher education is available to all of those who are willing and able to go.