Who we are

Our mission is to harness the power of students and youth to create tangible change in our communities and our country.

We conduct and support issue-driven campaigns, organize voters, and use creative tactics to engage our generation and organize our collective power for justice.

The Florida Student Power Network was born out of the 2016 Powershift Conference, a gathering of 300+ students in Orlando, Florida to organize intersectional solutions to climate justice. However, we have since developed into an organization which is dedicated to a variety of topics.

With a set of diverse, issue-based campaigns, we strive to ignite change in several arenas, including:

Environmental and Climate Justice
Immigrant Justice
Women’s Rights/Reproductive Justice
Racial Justice
Economic Justice
LGBTQ+ Justice

Recognizing that all of the above struggles are intersectional, we create strategic approaches which challenge oppression and secure justice sustainably.

We are committed to nurturing and mentoring students, so that they can actualize direct influence in their community with nonviolent action, all the while building relationships with local, state, and national partners.

Together we learn, fight, and win.

Our values

Unapologetically diverse, racially and otherwise — Our leadership and base reflects Florida’s diversity.
Engaged on and off-campus — We organize for local issues on each campus AND take part in major relevant city and state-level fights.
Ideology is bold and transformative, yet practical — We utilize a bold, transformative, and progressive analysis of power alongside a sophisticated strategy to win concrete victories, “bread and butter” solutions, and “non-reformist” reforms.
Central focus on winning and building a widespread platform — Much of campus activism is primarily symbolic and focused on organizing small cliques. We focus on organizing broadly for concrete change.
Leadership development is a priority — We invest in the development of young leaders’ hard skills, including organizing and management, political education, campaign strategy, history, interpersonal skills, etc.
Creativity and courage combine with discipline and accountability — We emphasize creativity, courage, discipline and accountability to build strength and trust among our network.
Non-sectarian at all times — We strive to be in relationship with multiple relevant partners and aim to bridge progressive/radical divides.
Beloved and close-knit community culture — We’re building a culture of love, fellowship, fun, respect, and kindness for people, not just for goals. We understand the importance of maintaining healthy relationships and not burning out the people who make our action possible.

Our partners

We can’t do it alone. Our partners range from alliances with labor unions to partnerships with community organizations. Despite our various titles and logos, we are all united in a commitment to transformational solidarity and progressive change.

Organize Florida
Organize Florida Education Fund
New Florida Majority
Florida Immigrant Coalition
Central Florida Jobs with Justice
Dream Defenders
Engage Miami
Faith in Florida
For Our Future Florida
Power Shift Network
Institute for Civic Engagement and Democracy
United States Students Association
ReThink Energy Florida
Mi Familia Vota
Progressive Coalition
Climate Reality Project Campus Corps
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy
Sunrise Movement
Justice Escambia
UnKoch My Campus
Student Environmental Action Society